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Our Shirt Stay Garters Have a Clip
with a Grip tighter than
a Pit Bull's Bite!

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Super Shirt Stay Garters with Patented No Slip Clip

Super Shirt Stay Garters with Patented No Slip Clip

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Introducing ... A new shirt stay clip that gets a grip and just won't slip! Finally a new shirt stay clip so different the government issued us the first patent on the design of shirt stay suspenders in 114 years. Now you can reach, bend, run .. move any way you want without having your shirt stay clips slip. With the "No Slip Shirt Stay Clip" it's possible. They just can't slip. The patented No-Slip Clip has a center pin that works like a needle to lock into your waistband without cutting or damaging the fabric. The No-Slip Shirt Stays are assembled in the USA with the finest materials available.

Stirrup Style Shirt Stay Garters 

Law Enforcement Shirt Stay GartersWe understand that having a neat, well tucked uniform is an important part of gaining respect. In the Law Enforcement and Military community commanding respect can be a matter of life and death. Whether you are in hot pursuit, subduing a suspect or managing crowd control, the last thing you should have to worry about is where your shirt tails are. This is why we created the Super Shirt Stay Garters.

>How do you solve the problem with the shirt stays popping loose from the shirt? This is where The Super Shirt Stays by Wesol Distribution comes in. At the end of the Super Shirt Stays where the clips attach to the shirt is the patented no-slip clips (see picture inset on this page). The no-slip clip’s patented design actually weaves through the material pinning the shirt between the two clasps. This design holds the shirt in place - All Day—We guarantee it!!

Shirt Stays and Shirt Stay Garters by Wesol Distribution

  • The Super Shirt Stay is made of an elastic material that is durable and flexible, able to move smoothly with any regular or exaggerated motions. The metal adjusters and the patented no slip clips are guaranteed not to fail. The No-Slip Clip has a center pin that weaves through the material and adds to the gripping strength of the clip. These clips are American ingenuity at its finest.
  • The Super Shirt Stay Garters by Wesol Distribution are made in America, by Americans.
  • The Super Shirt Stay by Wesol Distribution comes in two styles: the Stirrup or foot-loop style (2 per pack) and the traditional 4 straight Military style.

If you are tired of having your shirt stays come loose from your shirt, pop off your sock, dangle behind you causing you embarrassment and making you look disheveled, try the New Super Shirt Stay; The only Shirt Stays guaranteed not to come off!

Buy yours today, you'll be glad you did.

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Uniform Shirt Stay GartersMilitary Uniform Shirt Stays"Neat, Tidy and Tucked in at all times" ...

This phrase can be found in almost every Uniform Requirement Dress Code & Etiquette Book throughout the history of fashion. And while this certainly is still the goal of uniformed professionals in law enforcement, military, sports officials, and even business people, the question often remains, “how?”

Clothing and accessory designers have sought to solve this clothing conundrum with all types of shirt keeper inventions from suspenders to shirt stays, undergarment belts and shirt garters. American innovators at Wesol Distribution have developed a new line of shirt stay garters designed to keep shirt tails neat and tucked in at all times without a sacrifice to comfort. Wesol Distribution is dedicated to offering quality men’s and women’s accessories that solve apparel problems.

Wesol Distribution’s Super Stays are perfect for Military, Law Enforcement, Sports Officials, Referees and Umpires whose active job demands makes it nearly impossible to keep a shirt tucked in at all times without the assistance of some sort of accessory.

The new Super Stays offer “a clip that has a grip tighter than a pit bull’s bite” jokes David Little, CEO and past military member who knows first hand the struggles of the term “tucked in at all times”.


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